Good News Club Volunteer Spotlight

Our ministry to children is vital to children and it would not be possible without faithful volunteers. Meet one of our teachers, Linda from Ottumwa. Linda and her husband.

How many years have you been teaching Good News Club? “We have taught for 3 years.”
Why do you teach Good News Clubs? “We have 3 teachers and we teach because we love teaching kids God’s Word.”

The most rewarding thing about teaching Good News Club is watching lives being changed and hearing the kids repeating the lesson back to you.

“We praise God for a young girl that has been with us for 3 years and she will go to middle school next year and she doesn’t want to go cause she can’t come to Good News Club anymore. We are excited as she has grown in the Lord so much. We have cherished the time we have had with her. Please pray for her as she leaves for middle school year.”

Good News Club has impacted our lives by helping us share Jesus in a more personal way, especially with children in club and our church. We look forward to every Good News Club and spending time with these children.

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