Camp Good News- Elementary

Every year, CEF® does two weeks of summer camp. All summer long we invite children to our camp at Jericho Hills in Lucas Iowa (ten minutes outside of Chariton).

This summer, we had 42 children attend elementary camp with camp is for children ages 6-10. Camp Good News also celebrated its tenth-year anniversary, with our theme everything GIANT. Some day’s activities were pulled from previous years, which the children loved! Some children remembered doing these activities, but often with a new twist on them.

Camp is a wonderful time for the children. We work very hard to keep it cost effective for the parents. The cost is only $130 for a week of camp! Because of this low cost, we get children from all different home situations. Our summer missionaries serve as counselors for the week and pour into the children. For some children, this may be the only strong positive and loving relations they get.

Children are given time to be in workshops, ranging from cooking to movie making. These workshops allow children to explore different activities they may be interested in. They always enjoy showing off their final projects to their counselors. Check out the movie making classes final project here!

                                     Children in the kitchen workshop making giant pig in the blankets!


Chapel happens twice a day. Each day, there are different stories relating back to our theme of giant. One day, the children learned about David and Goliath. David was faced with a GIANT problem but has a GIANT God on his side! Goliath was made of buckets to show just how tall he was.

                                                                                                                            Bucket Goliath!


There are also many recreational activities for the kids to do like swimming, zip line, waterside, rock climbing, ping pong, carpet ball just to name a few!

                                                                                          Child ziplining across the trees!


Each year, there is always a banquet for the children. This year theme was Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, a children’s animated film. The counselors dress up as characters from the movie, food and decorations all center around it as well. It is always the wow factor for the children.

From all the children at Camp Good News, thank you for praying and financially supporting this ministry!



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