CEF Ministry in a COVID World

The world has changed since COVID, but what does that look like for a new person in ministry with CEF?

Our newest staff member, Christiana wrote her thoughts and experience so far. She started in early March, just a week or two before the world changed as we knew it.

I started working with CEF ministries in March of this year. I have been so blessed by the opportunity to join this ministry and its heart for children. I have a huge heart for Southern Iowa since I moved here 7 years ago from a large city in Arizona.

God uses challenges in our life for multiple reasons. Sometimes He uses these challenges for our deliverance and other times for our development.  A huge challenge for me this year in reaching Southern Iowa has been navigating thru COVID. Many if not all of the churches in Southern Iowa closed their doors for a great period of time. While schools were shut down and churches were not gathering it became a time of intense prayer for myself. I really asked God how can I reach the body of Christ while they are fearful and not assembling. I truly leaned on the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom this summer.

I felt in my heart that what I could offer was prayer and encouragement. I began calling churches in Southern Iowa and offering prayer over the phone. It was amazing to speak to Pastors and hear their hearts and the struggles they faced. They were grateful for the encouragement and prayer. As they themselves were dealing with fear in their congregations. Pastors both young and old were faced with how to navigate this new challenge.

The Bible speaks openly about not forsaking the assembling of the brethren. One reason we are called to gather together is because God knows the foothold Satan gains when we are isolated. God understands that His church needs ongoing encouragement to remain fueled up for the battle.

One thing I have noticed in Southern Iowa is a lack of desire for evangelism. This is something I have been deeply burdened by and praying over. The church body must understand how critical it is we reach the unsaved. There are so many children here in Southern Iowa that are not being reached. We have a great opportunity for harvest, yet we lack workers. I would ask that you pray about supporting this ministry and getting involved.

Until Christ returns, we have a great work to complete here on earth. Despite the challenges we might face like COVID or persecution. We are called to spread the Gospel no matter the opposition that comes. I truly believe that God is ready to do something amazing in Southern Iowa. It’s exciting to know that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we ask or think according to the power that works in us.

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