Indian Lakes CEF

JYou Connection (JYC)

A place for middle-schoolers and young teens (age 11-14) to enjoy faith, fun and friends. At JYC™ you will —

  • Discuss and learn the truth about things that really matter and that are everlasting like hope, faith, salvation, joy, love, courage and more
  • Learn more about Jesus Christ and His awesome Father in Heaven
  • Participate in activities that will feed your faith
  • Build genuine friendships
  • Enjoy and share meaningful music
  • Have crazy fun during game time
JYC is a safe place with leaders* who care about you now and for your future. Clubs meet weekly at schools, homes, community centers and churches.


Middle school can be a difficult time in a young person’s life. We want to help walk alongside them and encourage their walk with the Lord or help them know the Lord. We currently have no JYC’s in our local area. We need your help to get one started! If you enjoy working with young teens ages 11-14, reach out to us here.
*JYC leaders are carefully screened as required by the CEF child protection policy.