Sold to Voodoo, Valuable to God

Here this amazing story of change from West Africa. This story comes from the IMPACT magazine, produced by CEF® headquarters to share how God is working throughout the world.

“Espides, CEF missionary in West Africa, lives in an area considered the cradle of voodoo. Parents are encouraged to sell their children to voodoo worshipers for what amounts to only $8 U.S. currency! Many children are sold and convinced to also become voodoo worshipers. Two years ago, Espides started a children’s ministry. By last year more than 400 children had heard the Gospel in 10 different Good News Clubs. Now the number is growing thanks to many newly trained volunteers. These volunteers tell children that God loves them- and that they are valuable to Him. There have been many spiritual attacks on this work. Children are even persecuted for their faith. One boy is beaten by his dad every time he returns home from Good News Club, yet he still comes to learn about the God who loves him.”

We ask that you continue to pray for God to raise up more workers in West Africa and across the globe to reach the children. They desperately need to hear the truth of the One who loves and died for them! That’s what CEF is doing in Iowa, the United States and throughout the entire world!

For so many children in West Africa and around the world, voodoo is their reality. However, the Gospel provides freedom!

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