Through the Obstacles

Doing ministry in a COVID world has its obstacles, in one community it was particularly challenging. There were obstacles at every turn, but we saw how God worked despite these obstacles. This is a story of praise, from the Good News Club teacher and their team.

As many schools are closed, Good News Club moved to churches, community centers, etc. This Club was moved to a church, who graciously allowed us to use their facility. We called the school to get information about flyers and the church agreed to print them. Everything was on track. When we went to drop off the flyers at the school. The school informed us that they no longer pass out flyers. So, we advertised on Facebook and asked people to share and help spread the word! We met before to pray and prepare for club. However, the first week there were no kids. We met again and prayed for club. The second week there were no kids again. Same with the third and fourth weeks. Before each club, we prayed asking God to bring the ones He wanted. Oh, the obstacles that were in our way.

One volunteer had a great idea to pass out flyers at the bus stops around town. She secured permission with the school, talked with the transportation department, and got a list of locations and times. We divided up the stops, assembled volunteers to help us and prayed for the Lord’s blessing. We passed out over 100 flyers to children at bus stops. Surely, now we would have children attend.

Unfortunately, several weeks went by with no children. Discouraged by all that happened, we prayed for wisdom. We knew something had to change. So, we partnered with a local church to provide transportation to Good News Club. We coordinated with the school and worked out all the logistics. We decided to pass out flyers again. We divided up the stops, assembled volunteers and gathered to pray for this second round of flyers. We passed out many flyers again.

We had to let the school know a few days in advance, who would be using Good News Club transportation. One day before the club was supposed to start, we still had no registrations. We wondered “would there be Club?” “Why are there so many obstacles in our way?”

The morning of the club, we got a text from a homeschool mom who heard about it and wanted to bring her kids. We were so excited. We had two kids at Good News Club. The teachers were able to show the kids Christ’s love. They could hear about their day and be able to play games with them. As we shared the Gospel through the Bible lesson, the Holy Spirit was working, stirring in their souls. An invitation to believe in Jesus as their Savior was given, and they both responded. Both girls prayed to believe in Jesus, all praise to God! They prayed for their mom, who had recently had surgery. Through all these obstacles, two children were saved.

The next day, we received a text from the mom of the two girls which said, “the girls loved the club, and they love you! They told me they prayed for me yesterday and that they are so happy to learn about Jesus. One of my daughters told me last night she was going to pray before she went to bed.” All praise to God for the visible impact Club made on these girls.

Through all the obstacles, God was working to further his Kingdom. There is an enemy, working in the towns of Iowa to try and prevent children from believing in Jesus. But we trust that God is stronger and is always working, even through the many obstacles. Will you pray with us that the Lord will bring more children to this Good News Club?

-Shane Van Donselaar, Local Director

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